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How clever are you really? Here’s a game that tests your wits, teamwork ability, clue-finding skills, and problem-solving knowledge. In these games, you have only 60 minutes to escape from all the rooms room by solving your way out of every puzzle. You have to look for keys, clues, locks, and combinations to find the answer to move ahead… But we warn you! Most of these things are hidden away in the rooms behind secret doors, compartments, and locks. So stay sharp! Check out our tips below for putting together the most successful team, and book your room today!


Please arrive 15 minutes before your booked time to prepare you for the game.

*Note: Your team must arrive at least 5 minutes before scheduled time or each minute you’re late will be deducted from your 60 minutes.

Your Team:

Try to assemble people who:

  1. Are ready to work as a team
  2. Posses a skill that can be useful to escape
  3. Are ready to have fun while escaping each room