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The Great Escape

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Looking for a great escape room? A real-life escape room in Toronto is here! Join us for a wonderful adventure and a 100% unforgettable experience! Discover secret and/or closed doors, lots of creative logic puzzles and fun tasks to complete, locks with combinations, hidden clues, riddles and codes, and items that may hold the key to your escape. Don’t wait any longer for this fun and unique experience. We also accommodate corporate events and private parties, so contact us for more information if you’re looking for a custom experience!

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Uncover Our Five-Star TripAdvisor Reviews

The Great Escape
Great team building exercise!

Been to many team building events, hosted a few but this one event was attended by the entire team! A great mind challenge, and each team (there were so many we broke in to 2 groups) fully participated, and had such a great time they are still talking about it today. For a good mind game, check it out.

The Great Escape
Great fin!

This was my dad's first time doing an escape room and he absolutely loved it! :) My husband and I love doing escape rooms and we thoroughly enjoyed it as well. The room we did was the Indiana Jones one. We are looking forward to going back and doing The Hangover room - thanks for the experience!

– Mona E., TripAdvisor
The Great Escape
Great birthday party!

We hosted my son's 11th birthday party at Great Escape and it was a big success. We had two groups of 8 boys each, none of whom had done an escape room before. They each did one room, then a break for lunch and then did the second room. Lots of fun and feedback from the parents was all positive.

– James C., TripAdvisor
The Great Escape
Highly recommended!

Great place! I went a couple of times and it's honestly one of the best! Definitely fun, very challenging and there's a lot of variety! Its family friendly and it's also a great place for friends to hang out! Zsofia Fekete, the hostess, is so friendly and professional! Definitely a thumbs up and definitely go check it out! Highly recommended.

– Debora B., TripAdvisor
The Great Escape
Fantastic time!

The best thing about The Great Escape is that you move between three rooms to finish and escape and don't just stay in one room the whole time. That really made a big difference. It felt like a true adventure. The clues were challenging but solvable. They really make you think. We will definitely be back to try the other rooms. SO much fun!

– Linda W., TripAdvisor